Tuesday, 03 January 2023 / Published in NEWS
A new bus arrived in the Dolomiti Taxi family. For a business choice we decided to sell the GT bus with 56 seats and buy a smaller vehicle to dedicate our work to transfers and trips for small groups of 8, 16 and 19 people. The latest purchase is a 19 seats+1 Mercedes Sprinter 518
Friday, 02 December 2022 / Published in NEWS
We wish Merry Christmas and happy New Year
Saturday, 16 April 2022 / Published in NEWS
After two years of pandemic we are finally back to normal (or almost),thus being able to spend these few days of celebration with the family, atloved ones, friends, go back to travel or get together for a lunch, a picnic andfor the usual traditions, which we do not want and must not lose. Dolomiti Taxi
Friday, 04 March 2022 / Published in NEWS
Who could imagine a war in Europe in 2022?After a period of pandemic, we thought to see some light and serenity…and return to the normal life.Instead, we must listen and observe an inconceivable situation of death and destruction with millions of people leaving their home, their loved ones, their work, their country. In difficult times
Friday, 10 December 2021 / Published in NEWS
Dear Santa Claus,This year we would like to find under the tree:joy, health and…so much goodnessthat many of us have missed because of this difficult situation. Then if you have time left…. you could also bring us some candy, a good panettone and a bottle of wine to toast to the coming year!! With the